Motorcycles may not be exempted from ULEZ but many will  still be able to to ride for free

A group in Hackney Wick, London called the National Emissions Testing Centre ( have just become the only TfL certified place to get your motorcycle NOX level tested tested.  This means that they can test your motorbike for exemption from the new London ULEZ charge.  

NOX is a toxic gas that is emitted from the exhaust pipes of combustion engines causing

Pollution.  In a bit to improve the air quality in the city The London Mayor and TfL have brought in a  ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) to London that charges non compliant vehicles £12.59 a day to drive or ride in the city.   At the moment the zone is only on central London till 2021 when it spreads out to the north and south circulars. 

Groups like We Ride London and The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) have been campaigning for years to  exempt PTWs (powered two wheels) from the charge on the grounds that bikes are part of the solution. Rather than the problem. Unfortunately so far their protests have so far fell onto deaf ears so one of the WRL founders Philip Marshall (from started to search for another angle to take.  

It soon became apparent that quite a few of the bikes that would be charged would actually be exempted if only they could be tested